Monday, December 1, 2014

Month 21: Portfolio Content Creation 3 (portfolio month 4 of 5)

So this was my last month of content creation.  I delayed posting this because I continued working on my pcc3 project even after the month was over.  This project proved to be a big challenge and almost to much for my laptop to handle. Here was the final shot fully lit.

See the 3k resolution shot at

I played around with the lighting to get a few other looks

here is a few other angles with some exaggerated depth of field

To see some of the early looks on this model go back to the PFP month where I included some work in progress pictures.

I am currently graduated, but I want to wait a few more days before I do my last post for my last month.

Again,.. all these shots can be seen on my website in better quality  -  - 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Month 20: Portfolio Content Creation 2 (portfolio month 3 of 5)

This month was a piece of cake..... get it?
For my pcc2 asset I was a little worried because it was a very close shot of a piece of raspberry cake. Making food look like food can be kinda tuff. The first week working on this project was very stressful because I could not achieve the look I wanted. Eventually I got things working and the cake slowly came together. Here is the final image
 again, you can also check it out in better quality here

Here are some of the progression pics

That is all. Next month is my PCC3 (al capones jail cell environment) then I have a month of preparing my demo reel)

Until next month...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Month 19: Portfolio Content Creation 1 (portfolio month 2 of 5)

One down, two more to go. This month was my 2nd month of portfolio creation. I had to complete my first demo reel asset, building on it week by week. Each Tuesday I would sit down with my shading and lighting art director (Shawn Rinehart, and he would give me critiques and things to work on. This was a great month because I finally got to really sink my teeth into one project and one project only. One class, one project, and a whole month to work on it. Here is the final product, probably around 160 hours give or take in the making.
There is a lot of detail that went into this that is being cut off here.  So please check it out at my website.

As I worked on it, I saved a few of the renders.. here is a few of the progression renders.

Thats all I got this month!.... Feel free to email me if you have any questions. 



Ohh yeah, and I made a tree!
kinda cool yeah?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Month 18: Portfolio PreProduction (portfolio month 1 of 5)

Finished with a tuff month! This month is my first portfolio month of 5. Our class had 2 areas of focus. 1st we had to work on our branding and website stuff, 2nd we had to get our 3 projects ready for portfolio. This month there were really not many lectures, just working... working... and more working.

I will start off by discussing my portfolio content creation, then I will talk about my branding stuff, and finally I will talk about my personal project this month.. seen here.

(personal project render)

ok as far as content creation we had to fully prepare our 3 assets for PCC1, 2 and 3.  By fully prepared I mean we had to ....,.

1. model them out matching the photos exactly and matching camera angle.
2. UV our models (prepare them for textures)
3. match the lighting from our reference picture
4. give them basic materials with no textures, matching stuff like reflectivity and glossiness.

Instead of type and type, I am going to show each of my projects progress pictures, followed by a Side by side of them with basic materials next to their reference... and finally a basic render of them with a flat white material to better show the modeling.


*****progress pictures*******



 WireFrame Match SidebySide

 UVs SidebySide

Light and Materials Match SidebySide

Final Model Render


*****progress pictures*******




 WireFrame Match SidebySide

UVs SidebySide
Light and Materials Match SidebySide

Final Model Render


*****progress pictures*******

WorkInProgress1 Blockout







UVs SidebySide

 Light and Materials Match SidebySide

Final Model Render

Lots of PICS...... ok so that was all for my content creation...... a lot of work went into them so I tried to show the progress and evolution of some of those scenes.

The Next half of the class was for our branding stuff. Basically we had to develop a brand name, style and website. We also had to create a business card and keep they style uniform throughout all of it.

I will post a pic of my business card promoGraphic, all the other materials were just variations of the business card.

promoGraphic/Business card

Here is a link to my website IN PROGRESS. I would almost rather not post it because it is pretty bare bone right now and not polished up yet ... but, whatever...

FIN.... thats it for this month! I had 3 days of between classes so I went back and revisited one of my projects from last December...... here is some recap images of the sculpt I created inDecember

Reference Image Provided

My Sculpt

Ok so all weekend I worked and worked on that sculpt and developed it into a pretty cool overgrown environment

Here are some WIP pics as well as the final again, and a single material render.




and here is the final again.... even though I am still working on it

here is a single material render (no textures)
So yeah had a lot of fun with this... really the first big scene I have ever took on.
Really showed me how I need a more powerful computer for this stuff.

Ohh yeah 1 more thing....we had to track our hours we spent working this month.... check this out.
176 hours! that's in 23 days or something...

So next month I will be working on my PCC1 Project and getting it all ready for my demo reel! 4 more months =)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Month 17: Animation Production/Preparing for Finals

It is the last month of the Computer Animation curriculum before our 5 months of finals starts. For this last month we are all only scheduled 1 class. This gives students time to take their art test if they have not already and, or start preparing for what they want to do for their demo reel.

 Animation Production is the final animation class. We again are working with the familiar bugsy rig, and this time we are completing and entire sequence with a group.
 (still frame from Shot 5)

So.... we were provided the scene/rig... and the cameras for the shots and the timing for how long the shots would be were already fixed. Our class was ONLY 4 people so we did not even have enough people to complete our sequence. To clarify..... there were about 12 shots and we each were to work on 2.

So there was 4 shots that were not even being worked on. This was the example or template that we were provided. (none of the simple stepped animation or anything in this was done by our group, it was just to use for reference.)

                                            (example/reference video)
We were then assigned 2 of the shots each.... I was responsible for shots 2 and 5. Our group had to pick a theme so our animations were consistent with each other and the character was not different from 1 shot to the next. We chose kind of a James Bond theme to keep it simple.

Here was my SHOT2 in the very early stages. Shot 2 had the worst camera angle and was really difficult to work on.
here was the completed version.

I really like my shot 5 because it was just shoulders up. This meant I could really spend time focusing on facial expressions and hands.

Shot 5 Blocked out

and again, after working on it through the month.
 You can see a lot of the subtle things I did with the fingers.

So after our group finished our shots we compiled them together and I added some music for fun. 4 of these shots were not even from our class but from an earlier class.
Here is the completed sequence (again I ONLY worked on shots 2 and 5)

 So yeah, ...even though I don't plan on animating, I had a good time with this, and it was a good farewell to animation production and the basic curriculum of Full Sail.

Finals Preparations

Besides that I spend a lot of my free time looking for images on google. I had to get 3 images approved for my shading and lighting demo reel so I spent a lot of the month just searching for 2 good still life's and 1 environment. I submitted around 20-30 images for approval but for one reason or the other they were not getting approved. Part of the problem was that I was being very picky about what I wanted to submit because I would have to spend so much time on them.

Finally I got these approved.

For PCC1 (portfolio content creation 1)

For PCC2 (this already looks really hard...)

 and my PCC3 enviornment

so thats IT for now. I already have PCC1 and PCC3 mostly modeled out but I am gonna save those for my next post.

From here on out my months go like.....
July - Portfolio Pre Production
Aug - PCC1
Sep - PCC2
Oct - PCC3
Nov - Portfolio Assembly